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FlipChat1 News Article - 1

FlipChat1: 4 Years - Event Weekend

News Discussion | Event & Competitions

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FlipChat1 News Article - 2

Bonus PCing Weekend - Now Active

Community Home | Event Weekend

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FlipChat1 News Article - 3

Item Spotlights: What are they?

FlipChat1 Margins | Item List Additions

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Quick Poll

We're celebrating our 4-year anniversary! How long have you been a member of FlipChat1?

40% - Joined within the last year

27% - Joined 1-2 years ago

13% - Joined 2-3 years ago

20% - Joined 3-4 years ago

Day 1: FlipFest16

Check back to see our schedule over the 4-year event, coming 30 September until 03 October.

Bossing: Kree'arra

Join our first event of the weekend! We'll be taking a trip to Kree'arra at 16:00 GMT on World 68. Join the FC 'FlipChat2' for lootshare.

Skilling: Challenge Gem

Skilling time! Join us on World 100 at the Grand Exchange, 18:00 GMT for your chance to win prizes and unlock unique ingame titles.

Main: Drop Party

It's our first main event of the weekend! You don't want to miss out, free stuff is coming. Falador Party Room, World 100 at 20:00 GMT.

FlipFest16 on Twitch

The stream is currently offline. Follow us to be notified when we're live!