FlipChat1 Rules


The rules of FlipChat1 are in place to help us all enjoy an engaging, safe and above all enjoyable environment, whether this be within the game or on the website & forum. The rules below cover everything that generally results in a kick or ban from the channel, however, please respect a rank enforcing a rule that may not be covered on this page. We recommend also making use of RuneScape's ignore list if you do not wish to interact with certain players. If you witness another user presenting a serious risk to other users within the channel, you should contact us using this forum section: Rants.

Everyone using the channel has rules to follow, there are no exceptions made for anyone. If any issues should arise, we will deal with them as effectively as possible. It should be known that we have a list of users in which gets updated regularly from reports. These users are kick-on-sight (KOS) and will not be allowed to enter the channel for extended periods of time and will be removed as soon as a rank see’s them online.

If you have any questions, create a forum thread here or send a private message to a FlipChat1 kick rank in-game. Alternatively, you can contact us via Email, Facebook or Twitter.

Please take some time to familiarise yourself with these rules.


Off-world users

This includes free-to-play, RuneScape 2007 and Beta players.

Lobby users may be removed from time to time to make room for ingame players, however, you will be notified before this takes place.

Off topic

This includes anything that is not related to what we’re flipping.

Please note: We have exceptions for when off-topic is allowed, see the FAQ

Item trading

You must not advertise items that you are buying or selling within the channel. If accidentally you do, ensure that you quickly notify the channel that you've typed in the wrong chat.


This is discussing the rise or fall of an item price, which should not be discussed within the channel.

You can use this forum section instead.


Disruptive behaviour

We do not allow anyone to disrespect others in our chat. Also includes arguing back with a ranked member or pricechecker, giving out margins whilst not pricechecking and trolling.


You must not use any language which is offensive, racist or obscene. Also includes discrimination, solicitation, threats and bullying.


Following game rules

You must always follow the Rules of RuneScape in order to keep you and your account safe.

For a full list of rules please see this page on the RuneScape website: Rules of RuneScape.


You must not spam within the channel. Also includes the overuse of the ingame quickchat feature, excessive symbol use, requesting a margin repeatedly, spamming other channels and advertising other channels.

Price manipulation

You must not manipulate an items price by providing false reports for updates. This also includes giving manipulated reports as updates via the margins section on the forums.


When is off-topic allowed?

The following are exceptions for when off-topic is allowed:

  • Easter
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Double XP Weekends
  • Ingame Holiday Events
  • Showing level-ups with quickchat (90+)

If we're holding a special event, we may also allow off topic. In this case, you will be able to find out by reading a news post for the event or looking at the 'Talking in' channel name.

How do I report players breaking these rules?

Your reports are vital in ensuring that the channel is a safe place for users. You can send us reports by creating a forum thread within the 'Rants' section of the forum or sending us an email at support@flipchat1rs.com. It is important that within these reports you include the date the issue occurred, the name of the player you're reporting, as well as any evidence you have of the incident. This can be in the form of an image or video clip.

If you think the issue you're reporting to us could also be a breach of game rules, please ensure that you use the ingame report system to flag this activity to Jagex too. If you're unsure on what is a breach of the game rules, please see this page on the RuneScape website.

I've been unfairly kicked/banned. How do I report this issue?

If you believe that you've been kicked or banned for the channel unfairly, you can contact us by leaving a post on the forum within this section or sending an email to support@flipchat1rs.com and we will look into this issue for you. It can sometimes be the case that you've been incorrectly removed from the channel accidentally.

I'm having problems with the website! Where can I get help?

Unfortunately issues do arise with the website, but we're very keen to fix these problems if possible! The best place to get help would be leaving a post for us in the Website & Forums section. If you cannot create an account, you can send an email to support@flipchat1rs.com and we will be able to help you further with any issue.