Nex Sets :: Coming 23/10


Nex Sets: Coming... 23rd October
Hey everyone,

We've asked around and it's pretty clear, you'd like to see Nex sets stay. It's also very clear that amulets are no longer as profitable as they once were, and so, we'll be replacing them with the Nex gear.

Back in 2012, when creating the channel, we dedicated our prices to Godwars Dungeon 1, including the amulets. Back then, we could easily see margins up to 400k per flip, on amulets! Over the years, as newer amulets have been released these have fallen behind. Nex sets are the way forward, to ensure we're still getting great profit. This can be seen in the spotlighting of Nex sets, where they prove to be very popular and profitable - which is what we love!

This change will come into affect over the 23rd October. You'll be able to view all of the abbreviations in our starters guide, but for now, check them out here:

  • 2/4: Virtus Mask = VM
  • 2/4: Virtus Robe Top = VRT
  • 2/4: Virtus Robe Leg = VRL
  • 1/4: Virtus Gloves = VG
  • 1/4: Virtus Boots = VB

  • 2/4: Pernix cowl = PCO
  • 2/4: Pernix body = PBO
  • 2/4: Pernix chaps = PCH
  • 1/4: Pernix gloves = PG
  • 1/4: Pernix boots = PB

  • 2/4: Torva full helm = TFH
  • 2/4: Torva platebody = TPB
  • 2/4: Torva platelegs = TPL
  • 1/4: Torva gloves = TG
  • 1/4: Torva boots = TB

Happy Flipping,

FlipChat1 Team

In other news...


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