[UPDATE]: A New Adjustment Rule


Adjustment Rule Update
Hey everyone,

We feel it's time to amend the adjustment rule, in order to keep updates coming in and to ensure that the price is the best it can be for maximum profit over a shorter time.

Back in 2013 we introduced the adjustment rule, more commonly known as 'the rule'. This is our recommended price adjustment for buying and selling items over 30 minutes. When it was first introduced, the 25k/30min adjustment recommendation worked great! We always had great updates which helped us keep prices just right for the best buy times and biggest profit.

After looking into the implications of increasing the adjustment amount, and much testing, we've found a new recommended adjustment price that works very well for all of the items on our list. The new rule is an adjustment of 50k per 30 minutes of waiting (50k/30min). It will allow us to keep margins up to date from your reports and ensure that you're able to buy and sell faster without missing out on that profit!

For those of you that have pricechecked, this adjustment rule hasn't changed anything, other than you being able to get those updates much quicker. If you haven't tried pricechecking, why not give it a go? A full guide can be found here.

We're aware that it's only taking longer to buy and sell items, and we know that this change will greatly reduce the amount of time you spend waiting to get that tasty profit! Give the new adjustment rule a go today, and let us know how you get on by posting below.

Happy Flipping,

FlipChat1 Team

In other news...


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