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We're FlipChat1. The biggest and best flipping channel on RuneScape. We're devoted to giving you the latest price for Godwars Dungeon 1 and 2 items. Join today and start making millions for free!

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Starting Out

New to FlipChat1? You're in the right place! Master the art of flipping in our channel to make get the maximum profit.

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Have you mastered flipping within FlipChat1? Fancy a new challenge? Take to the Grand Exchange and find out your own margins for higher limit items.

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Time to step it up! You're now a pro-flipper and you know FlipChat1 and selfchecking. Learn how to pricecheck within the channel to earn yourself a rank.

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Still not sure how to report correctly? We've got you covered. Use our report generator tool to create useful and accurate update reports for the channel!

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