What is selfchecking?

Selfchecking an item is the process in which you find your own margin for an item with a higher buy limit on the Grand Exchange. Within the starting out guide we mentioned item limits and how they work, limiting only the number of items that you can buy on the Grand Exchange, with no limits to selling. All of the items that can be selfchecked, and still allow you profit, are not covered in FlipChat1.

What items can be selfchecked?

There is a vast range of items that are selfchecked. Generally, items with a limit higher than two buys per four hours (2/4) will guarentee you a profit, as you're able to flip enough to make a profit. As there are many items to consider, you can find a full list of item limits for the Grand Exchange here.

The Process

Finding the Item Sell Price

Once you have selected an item to flip, you must first instant buy one of the item to find the sell price. It is recommended that you do this by buying the item at 15% above the Grand Exchange price. This will give you the highest possible sell price for the item you have chosen. Once you have bought the item, make note of this price before moving onto the next step. To view an image of this step, see below:

Picture of buying item within GE

Finding the Item Buy Price

After finding the item sell price, you should then instantly sell this item back to the Grand Exchange. When doing this, ensure that you've dropped the price by 15% of the Grand Exchange price. This will give you the lowest possible buy price for the item. To view an image of this step, see below:

Picture of selling item within GE

Using the Margin

Once you have completed both sets, you now have a full margin for the item that you have chosen. Remember the buy limit of the item, and that you have already purchased one of the buy limit for this item. For this example, the final margin was 926-927GP.

Picture of margin from trades within GE