The Process

Flipping is the simple act of buying an item low and selling it for a higher price. Each item has a buy limit, meaning you're only able to buy a certain amount of each item every 4 hours. This limit is only applied when you're buying an item - so you're able to sell as many items as you would like! Something that you may notice is that occasionally the med-price on the Grand Exchange is different to what we're giving out - don't worry! The Grand Exchange med-price has nothing to do with our margins, as we give prices for the precise moment in time.

Average Profit

The amount of profit can vary greatly and is dependant upon a lot of various factors. You must take into account how long you're flipping for, how many items you're flipping and how patient you are with waiting on items that have a large margin. If you're aiming for a steady income from flipping, it is advised to flip whilst doing other things on RuneScape. If you're looking for high profit per hour - you should be attempting to flip higher limit items alongside friends chat items.

If you're looking for inspiration, check the flipping log section on the forums. Within this area you'll find flipping logs from people across the community. This is also a great way of seeing what sort of profit you could make on every item, though, this varies daily.

Getting Started

Our Item List

The sections below contain the name, abbreviation and buy limit of each item that is pricechecked within the channel. Click each section to see a list of each set:


Bandos Helmet BH 1/4
Bandos Chestplate BCP 1/4
Bandos Tassets TASS 1/4
Bandos Gloves BG 1/4
Bandos Boots BB 1/4
Bandos Warshield BWS 1/4


Armadyl Helmet AH 1/4
Armadyl Chestplate ACP 1/4
Armadyl Chainskirt ACS 1/4
Armadyl Gloves AG 1/4
Armadyl Boots AB 1/4
Armadyl Crossbow ACB 1/4
Off-hand Armadyl Crossbow OACB 1/4
Armadyl Buckler BUCK 1/4


Hood of Subjugation SH 1/4
Garb of Subjugation GARB 1/4
Gown of Subjugation GOWN 1/4
Gloves of Subjugation SG 1/4
Boots of Subjugation SB 1/4
Ward of Subjugation WARD 1/4


Virtus Mask VM 2/4
Virtus Robe Top VRT 2/4
Virtus Robe Legs VRL 2/4
Virtus Boots VB 1/4
Virtus Gloves VG 1/4


Pernix Cowl PCO 2/4
Pernix Body PBO 2/4
Pernix Chaps PCH 2/4
Pernix Gloves PG 1/4
Pernix Boots PB 1/4


Torva Full Helm TFH 2/4
Torva Platebody TPB 2/4
Torva Platelegs TPL 2/4
Torva Gloves TG 1/4
Torva Boots TB 1/4

Anima Core - Seren

Anima Core Helm of Seren Serh 2/4
Anima Core Body of Seren Serb 2/4
Anima Core Legs of Seren Serl 2/4

Anima Core - Sliske

Anima Core Helm of Sliske Slih 2/4
Anima Core Body of Sliske Slib 2/4
Anima Core Legs of Sliske Slil 2/4

Anima Core - Zamorak

Anima Core Helm of Zamorak Zamh 2/4
Anima Core Body of Zamorak Zamb 2/4
Anima Core Legs of Zamorak Zaml 2/4

Anima Core - Zaros

Anima Core Helm of Zaros Zarh 2/4
Anima Core Body of Zaros Zarb 2/4
Anima Core Legs of Zaros Zarl 2/4

GWD2 Weapons

Shadow Glaive Mhsg 2/4
Off-hand Shadow Glaive Ohsg 2/4
Dragon Rider Lance Lance 2/4
Blade of Avaryss Avaryss 2/4
Blade of Nymora Nymora 2/4
Wand of the Cywir Elders Wand 2/4
Orb of the Cywir Elders Orb 2/4

Requesting a Margin

If there is someone currently online and pricechecking within the channel, you can ask for the margin of an individual item or a whole line using the abbrevations above. In some circumstances there will not be a volunteer online to give out prices, you will have to use the forum section instead to get the information you need.

If you're requesting an individual item, please ensure that you state clearly the item you would like, using our abbreviations. If you're requesting a line, ensure that you state which group of items you would like. Some volunteers don't like to give out full lines - if the pricechecker at the time asks you to not request lines, please respect their choice! It's important that you don’t ask twice for the same price or line within 30 seconds or use multiple symbols - the pricechecker could be busy updating a report or providing someone else with a margin!

Once you've been given the margin - you can then use this to buy and sell the item you have requested. The first number is the price you buy the item at and the second number is the price you sell at. For example, you could buy a bandos helmet on the Grand Exchange for 500,000GP and sell it for 750,000GP. The profit from this will be 250,000GP.

Reporting Buys & Sells

You should always make sure that once you're item has bought or sold - you're reporting this transaction in the channel or over on the margin post (if no one is pricechecking). This helps us to keep the margins up to date for you, ensuring that you can make the most profit whilst flipping and buying and selling times are as quick as possible.

When reporting a price change, it is vital that you include the following information:

  • The name of the item that you have bought or sold
  • The price of the item that you have bought or sold
  • The type of report:
    • NIB - Not instant buy
    • NIS - Not instant sell
    • INB - Instant buy
    • INS - Instant sell
  • The number of rules applied to your buy or sell

If you haven't used the rule please state whether you have overcut (OC) or undercut (UC) the price within the report. Your final should follow this template: (NIB/NIS/INB/INS) Item @ Price - RX#.

Overcutting & Undercutting

Overcutting is buying the item for more than the given price. Undercutting is selling the item for less than the given price. The aim of the channel is to get the most profit possible, we recommend that you try to avoid overcutting and undercutting, however, if you must do this then we recommend no more than 5000GP. If people are overcutting/undercutting, this can have an impact on other peoples profit and total time spent flipping. Consider using the adjustment rule in order to maximise your profit.

Adjustment Rule

It is possible that your item doesn’t buy as fast as you would like it to. Our aim is to ensure that the margins given to you are updated and that work within 30 minutes, however, this isn't always possible. It is important to have patience with flipping, generally, the longer you wait the more successful your flip will be. Once you've waited 30 minutes and your item hasn't bought or sold, we recommend that you use the rule. This allows you to adjust the price of your buy or sell by 50,000gp per 30 minutes, ensuring that you can buy the item at the lowest price possible or sell your item at the highest price possible.

If you're buying an item, you want to be increase the price each time you use the rule. If you're selling the item, you want to be decreasing the price each time you use the rule.

Commonly, the rule is also referred to as the single letter 'R'. This is commonly used in reporting, for example:

  • RX1 = You used the rule once (original price adjusted by 50k)
  • RX2 = You used the rule twice (original price adjusted by 100k)
  • RX3 = You used the rule three times (original price adjusted by 150k)
  • RX4 = You used the rule four times (original price adjusted by 200k)

Useful Abbreviations

Abbreviation Meaning
NIB Not Instant Buy
NIS Not Instant Sell
IB/INB Instant Buy
IS/INS Instant Sell
WC Wrong Chat
KOS Kick on Sight
@ At the Price Of
OSRS Oldschool RuneScape
F2P Free to Play
P2P Pay to Play
MEMB Members